Need to optimise your relational marketing and ROI?

Campaign by Dolist: just the right balance between functional capabilities, security, technical performance and human support.

Centralise your data

Get the most out of your data from all available channels

Centralise all of your data in order to deploy, automate and customise your marketing campaigns (contact details, purchasing history, online behaviour, statistics etc.).
Up-to-date, enriched data, whatever the tools you use.

Flexible, simplified data exchanges

Permanently synchronise your information systems (ERP, CRM, sales platforms, specialist software etc.) with our Campaign tool.
Data transfer using standardised technologies (API REST, JSON, FTPS or CFT protocols).

Deploy your campaigns using your preferred interface

Steer your campaigns using Campaign or your own in-house tools, with multiple ISPs available.

Guaranteed data security

Protocols and methods protected by a comprehensive and up-to-date General Information Security Policy (GISP), covering hosting, authentication, access and transfers.

Collect & manage your contacts

Made-to-measure data collection forms

Fully customisable, for collecting new contact information or getting to know your existing contacts better (sign-up forms and further info).

Responsive, omni-channel forms

Compatible for integration with multiple tools and platforms, to maximise your data collection opportunities (websites, blogs, point-of-sale terminals, social media, mobile apps etc.).

Opt-in contacts with consent management

Data gathering tools compliant with EU legislation (GDPR).
Record, track and manage consent deadlines for your contacts.
Automatic management of email and SMS unsubscriptions.

A healthy, optimised contact database

Automatically remove repeat entries, correct syntax errors in email addresses and domain names etc.
Automatically identify the country of origin of your contacts based on their telephone dialling codes.

Dispatching email & SMS campaigns

Message design tools for all users

Multiple editing solutions for different levels of technical capability, including a Responsive Message Generator designed by Dolist and accessible to all.

Optimise your email & SMS campaigns

Advanced customisation of your messages with multiple variables (sender name, subject line, content and links).
Analysis of your messages during the design process, with suggestions for technical improvements and marketing strategy, in all languages.

Precise targeting of your contacts

Reach all or part of your audience Filter your database using the information at your disposal: contact details, purchases, online sales, behavioural data taken from previous campaigns (links opened, clicks etc.).

International SMS campaigns

In oder to comply with the legislation on SMS marketing, certain times of day are automatically off-limits (between 10pm and 8am, plus Sundays and holidays).
Preview the appearance of your messages on your contacts’ mobile screens

Automated & narrative campaigns

Free up time with advance scheduling

Schedule the delivery of your email and SMS messages, blocking out certain windows.

Boost customer loyalty with triggered emails & SMS

Structure the life cycle of your contact relationships with pertinent messages, using Marketing Automation and Trigger email and/or SMS scenarios.
Automate your message sending using any kind of information contained in your synchronised information systems.

Structure the narrative of advanced, omni-channel campaigns

Boost the conversion rate and interest levels of your contacts, with our Campaign orchestration tool. An intuitive tool to simplify the steering and automation of complex, multi-channel narratives, all while keeping a close eye on the marketing pressure on your recipients.

Optimised email deliverability

Tailored support with message design

A Responsive Email Generator incorporating coding best practices for optimal deliverability. Real-time warning messages during the design process if risks are identified (faulty links, coding errors, spamwords etc.).

All the benefits of the Dolist Deliverability Pack

A full toolkit of solutions allowing you to optimise the delivery of your messages straight to your contacts’ inbox, developing a reputation as a trusted sender: authentication standards, unified domain names, personalised tracking URLs, dedicated IP addresses etc.

OPERA by Dolist: the power of deliverability

Optimise the delivery of your messages Developed in-house by Dolist experts, OPERA (Optimum Predictive Email Reputation Activity) supervises your email operations in real time, providing support every step of the way to maximise your deliverability.

Internal deliverability-boosting protocols

Constant supervision of file uploads and outgoing messages, with automatic exclusion of risky emails.
Real-time handling of spam complaints
Real-time monitoring of domain names and IP addresses added to black lists.

Analyse your Marketing performance

At-a-glance impact assessment

Multiple indicators allowing you to evaluate the activity of your contacts and the overall performance of your campaigns (delivery rate, open rate, responsiveness, clicks, data by domain name etc.).
The Dolist GQI (Global Quality Index): a score out of 100 allowing you to instantly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns.
A Heatmap to identify the click-heavy “hot points” in your messages.

Interesting subjects make for interested contacts

Name-specific statistics to help you identify the contacts who respond most enthusiastically to your messages.
Determine the most popular topics and the contacts who respond most enthusiastically to different types of content, by matching your links with certain predefined themes (behavioural profiling).

Plan ahead for contacts losing interest, and buck the trend

Contact leakage statistics: unsubscriptions and spam complaints, tracked thanks to the feedback loops established between Dolist and the main ISPs and email services.

Comprehensive care for your contact database

Contact database statistics: active, inactive, temporarily unreachable, unsubscribed etc.
Track the composition and evolution of your contact database over time.

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